Education and Useful Information

  • Graduated CCCLA 1988 with honors

  • Completed 3 years post doctorate course in Chiropractic Orthopedics SCUHS 1998

  • National Board Examiner  1998-current

  • Elected Member Executive Board of CCASFV

Helpful links:
Drug Interactions:

Personal Trainer:
Tina Davis:            818-406-1430

OB/GYN Referrals:
Rebecca Perlow:   818-344-8822
Joie Russo              818-757-2222
Felicita Ota            818-708-1090
Myra Levinson      818-901-1010

Podiatrist Referrals:
Chuck Kelman    818-701-6900
Elenor Wallen     818-980-3383
Barry Feinstein          508-7922

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